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The main Hungarian Microlight construction workshops (BB and Apollo) develop their wings with the direct help from the best Hungarian Microlight competitors. Pilots and constructors discuss new ideas day by day. That is the secret of the success. 

BB workshop followed  a new concept on BB wing group: 100% double surface wing construction. We achieved an extraordinary technical result: 
   The lowest possible air resistance

The main aims during construction: 
 Good flying stability, easy maneuvering, excellent steering and turning. 


Best sport results of the Hungarian Ultralight Pilots:

 FAI-gold.jpg (5202 bytes)

European Champion (WSC, Britain,1994) 
World Champion (WSC, South Africa,1996) 
Ist World Air (Olympics) Games Champion (WSC, Turkey,1997) 
World Cup Champion (WSC, Hungary, 1998) 
World Champion (WSC, Hungary 1999) 
World Champion (Team, Hungary 1999) 
and SEVEN further MEDALS on International Championships


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